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Logistics & Transportation Projects

Are you a museum curator, gallery owner, or exhibition curator?
Are you a steward, responsible for transportation in a museum or cultural institution?
Are you a courier for a museum, a collector or an artist's beneficiary, a restorer?
Are you one of our foreign correspondents?
You are all, in various capacities, involved in the transport of works of art. Whether you are a client or a partner, a "borrower" or a "lender", a decision-maker or an executor, you are faced with technical problems and emergency situations that we are used to dealing with. Our advice can be useful to you.

Are you familiar with the art and exhibition transportation business?

The LP ART guide

The guide to the transport of works of art and exhibitions is intended to be practical and useful: you will quickly find a concrete answer to your questions on technical problems and emergency situations that we are used to dealing with, as well as on the methods of our company; you will also find the definition of the usual technical terms that, in our speciality, result from the influences of craftsmanship, museology, administration, or logistics.

Established in 1992, LP ART has a leading position in the art transportation market.

As a carrier, packer, customs broker, air freight agent and "authorized" agent for securing freight, we offer the best guarantees of discretion, security and efficiency for any transport request from museums, galleries or individuals.

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