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You are shipping a painting to Berlin: should you choose the plane or the truck?

You are lending a Dubuffet sculpture to Sao Paulo: will you choose the plane or the boat?

Between Paris and Sydney, should I change planes in Frankfurt or Singapore?

Whether by truck, by plane, by boat, or even by train for a small piece of work in accompanied luggage, each mode of transport has its advantages and sometimes its disadvantages.

The best choice will have taken into account:

  • the nature of the work and its bulk once packed;
  • the means of transportation between the points of origin and destination;
  • possible routes ;
  • the time we have to carry out the operation;
  • the presence or not of a conveyor.

The preliminary evaluation of these constraints is essential to avoid surprises. Case by case, our role is to advise you to decide together.

How to evaluate the constraints of transportation?

Assistance at the airport

Air transport is becoming more and more complex. Security constraints are becoming more and more stringent. Airports are congested. Companies do not hesitate to modify their flights or change aircraft at the last minute. Fares are so disparate that, for the same flight and the same seat, you can find tickets ranging from one to six times.

How to ensure that a given shipment is correctly "palletized" and loaded on the planned flight with its conveyor? How can we help the courier to fulfill his mission in the most favorable conditions? Can we be sure that a piece of work in accompanied baggage will be accepted on board?

Supervising all these operations and guiding the courier is a real assistance service to which LP ART takes the greatest care. Although difficult to measure, it requires perfect mastery of air transport and the mobilization of significant resources on site, at Roissy or Orly. In concrete terms, this means men and vehicles, and a lot of time spent in the passenger, freight and traffic areas...

How to assist the courier and supervise the departures or arrivals?

Exhibition" services

As exhibition curators, managers and transportation specialists in major cultural institutions, you entrust us with the transportation of an exhibition. "As lenders, you want the transportation of your works to meet your requirements. Conveyors, you count on our assistance.

How do you manage the complex relationships between organizers, borrowers and lenders? How do we reconcile efficiency, security, and timeliness in all circumstances?

For every exhibition, a specialized team deals with these issues. Competence in all aspects of transport and packaging, perfect knowledge of museums, bi- or tri-lingual staff, high-performance computer tools, real-time communication means: everything contributes to meeting these daily challenges.

At LP ART, your contact is the "coordinator". He accompanies you from the order to the billing. Knowing his role well is already a guarantee of efficiency, it is a way to work better together.

How to coordinate the transport of the works?

Art transport: discretion by nature

LP Art is the first art transporter in France. This success is due above all to the unfailing commitment of the men and women who make up our teams. We work daily with priceless and irreplaceable works of art. Our operation is based on absolute confidence in our teams.

On a daily basis, LP Art's driver-installers work in museums, art galleries, foundations and private collections. All of our clients have in common an above-average requirement for quality. Our teams work every day in very demanding situations with interlocutors who have no time for details and expect us to be unfailingly efficient, to take the initiative adapted to each situation, and to be absolutely discreet. Our team leaders in the field are great listening professionals and will know how to reassure you and anticipate your needs and requirements.

For obvious reasons, in the field of private removals, we do not indicate our references on our website.

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