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Handling and cladding

We have all moved furniture and personal effects at least once. We have all regretted a scratch or a shock resulting from an uncertain gesture when moving an object that is dear to us. Have you ever imagined the care that the smallest handling requires when it comes to a masterpiece?

Are you aware of the material difficulties involved in handling a two-ton marble or a four-by-five-meter painting?

Do you know the techniques of cladding? Do you have any idea of the organizational constraints encountered on large construction sites?

Our installers and team leaders are professionals in the handling of works of art. Their tools, techniques and vocabulary constitute a speciality in their own right, enriched every day by contact with works of art. They are your direct contacts in the field. Learn the value of the gesture, the tools and the many precautions that make the quality and price of the service.

Why is art handling a real profession?