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Legal information

In accordance with the provisions of Articles 6-III and 19 of Law No. 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for Confidence in the Digital Economy, known as L.C.E.N., we bring to the attention of users and visitors to the site www.lpart.fr the following information:

1. Legal information :

The owner is: LP ART, Horus Finance group

Postal address of the owner: 274-276 Rue de Rosny, 93100 Montreuil

The creator of the site is : simplebo.fr
The person in charge of the publication is : Jean-Michel Floret
Contact the person in charge of the publication : commercial@lpart.fr
The person in charge of the publication is a legal person

The Webmaster is : Simplébo
Contact the Webmaster : simplebo@simplebo.fr
The host of the site is : Alwaysdata 3 rue du Bac 75005 Paris
CREDIT : The legal mentions have been generated by http://www.generer-mentions-legales.com


2. Presentation and principle :


Is designated hereafter: User, any Internet user connecting and using the above-mentioned site www.lpart.fr.
The site www.lpart.fr gathers a set of services, in the state, placed at the disposal of the users. It is hereby specified that the latter must remain courteous and show good faith both towards other users and towards the webmaster of the site www.lpart.fr. The www.lpart.fr site is updated regularly by Simplébo.
LP ART strives to provide the most accurate information possible on the www.lpart.fr site (subject to changes made since it was put online), but cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information provided on its site, whether it is its own doing or that of third-party partners who provide this information. Consequently, the user acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for the use of this information (which is indicative, non-exhaustive and subject to change).


3. Accessibility:

The site www.lpart.fr is in principle accessible to the users 24/24h, 7/7d, except interruption, programmed or not, for the needs of its maintenance or in case of force majeure. In case of impossibility of access to the service, www.lpart.fr commits itself to do its best to restore the access to the service and will then try to communicate beforehand to the users the dates and hours of the intervention. Being subjected only to an obligation of means, www.lpart.fr could not be held for person in charge of any damage, whatever is the nature, resulting from an unavailability of the service.


4. Intellectual Property:

LP ART is the exclusive owner of all the intellectual property rights or holds the rights of use on all the elements accessible on the site, as well as on the structure as on the texts, images, graphics, logo, icons, sounds, software...
Any total or partial reproduction of the site www.lpart.fr, representation, modification, publication, total or partial adaptation of any of these elements, whatever the means or the process used, is forbidden, except prior written authorization of Antonio Rimaud, owner of the site at the email : commercial@lpart.fr, otherwise it will be considered as constituting a counterfeit and liable to prosecution in accordance with the provisions of the articles L.335-2 and following ones of the Code of Intellectual Property.

5. Hyperlinks and cookies :

The www.lpart.fr website contains a number of hyperlinks to other sites (partners, information, etc.) set up with the authorization of LP ART. However, LP ART is unable to verify the content of all such sites and therefore declines all responsibility for any illicit content.
Users are informed that during their visits to the www.lpart.fr website, one or more cookies may be automatically installed on their computer through their browser. A cookie is a block of data that does not allow the user to be identified, but which records information relating to the user's navigation on the site.
The parameter setting of the navigation software makes it possible to inform of the presence of cookie and possibly, to refuse it in the manner described at the following address: www.cnil.fr. The user can however configure the browser of his computer to refuse the installation of cookies, knowing that the refusal of installation of a cookie can involve the impossibility of accessing certain services. To block cookies, type in your search engine: block cookies in IE or Firefox and follow the instructions according to your version.

List of cookies used :

Cookie name





1 year

Grapstor (Simplébo)

Find out whether the visitor accepts analysis cookies



Grapstor (Simplébo)

Basic site functionality and form security



Grapstor (Simplébo)

Basic site functionality



Grapstor (Simplébo)

Protection against tampering


12 months


Contains the list of all cookies declared in the Axeptio widget


12 months


Contains the list of cookies accepted by the visitor


12 months


Contains all information about the visitor's consent, such as the date, their unique anonymous identifier, and whether or not they have already consented.




Is created and must then be deleted directly (used to check whether the visitor's browser supports cookies)


30 minutes


Short-lived cookies used to temporarily store data for the visit


13 months


Used to store some details about the user, such as the unique visitor ID

6. Protection of goods and persons - management of personal data:

In France, personal data is protected by the law n° 78-87 of January 6, 1978, the law n° 2004-801 of August 6, 2004, the article L. 226-13 of the Penal Code and the European Directive of October 24, 1995.

On the www.lpart.fr website, LP ART collects personal information (in accordance with Article 4 of Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978) about the user only for the purpose of certain services offered by the www.lpart.fr website. Users provide this information with full knowledge of the facts, particularly when they enter it themselves. It is then specified to the user of the site www.lpart.fr the obligation or not to provide this information.
In accordance with the provisions of articles 38 and following of the law 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, the files and freedoms, any user has a right of access, of correction, suppression and opposition to the personal data relating to it. In this case, the user must send his request by e-mail to rgpd@lpart.fr . The Data Protection Officer is required to respond to the User within 30 days.

No personal information of the user of the site www.lpart.fr is published without the user's knowledge, exchanged, transferred, ceded or sold on any medium to third parties.

The possible data are not kept by the site. They will be transmitted by mail for the treatment of the request. They will be kept until the end of the treatment then deleted. The person in charge of the treatment Antonio Rimaud commits himself to guarantee the integrity and the confidentiality of the collected data.

Only the assumption of the purchase of the site www.lpart.fr and its rights authorizes LP ART to transmit the said information to the eventual purchaser who would in turn be bound by the same obligation to preserve and modify the data with respect to the user of the site www.lpart.fr.
Databases are protected by the provisions of the law of July 1, 1998, transposing Directive 96/9 of March 11, 1996, on the legal protection of databases.