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Gigantic hanging at the Musée des Augustins in Toulouse

Among the projects for the embellishment and maintenance of the Musée des Augustins in Toulouse, was the cleaning of the windows that bring light to the red and white rooms of the museum.

These two rooms house part of the museum's painting collection, and not the least since they are large formats.
As part of the renovation of the windows, it was necessary to remove the works that had been proudly presiding over them for many years.
The first stage of the operations was carried out during the month of April and involved 6 installers for 3 weeks. The program included the works of the red lounge.
Once on the ground, the paintings were moved to a safe place in the white room. The next phase will see the works of the red room hung up, and those of the white room deposited and stored ... in the red room! A sort of game of musical chairs.

But with heritage masterpieces, there are no games! Our professionalism led every step of the way from preparation to completion. 

The highlight of the past operations was the removal of the work painted by Benjamin Constant in 1876 and representing " The entry of Sultan Mehmet II in Constantinople on May 29, 1453 ".

A beautiful subject that deserved a canvas of 536x697 cm!
The same subject that justified the use of a scaffolding tower, and a well mastered process for its removal.

For its safety, the doors of the museum were not designed to let such a traveler pass, it was necessary to make a real box, which, made and assembled on site, now houses this masterpiece, in situ, against the wall opposite. 

Our Toulouse team is now resting from this extraordinary manipulation while working on other projects. But there will be no lack of enthusiasm when it comes to putting the Sultan back in his place, as the new conqueror of the Musée des Augustins.

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