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EILOA, international school of art logistics

11 Apr 2022

The EILOA training school, a school under the status of association according to the law of 1901, offers first-rate training programs, from the CAP to the Master's degree, including professional training...

Jean-Michel Floret takes over from Guénäel Rimaud at the head of LP Art

June 09, 2021

After the retirement of Guénaël Rimaud, the president and founder of LP Art since 1991, who managed to raise the company to the rank of first French art and exhibition transporter, Jean...

New storage warehouse in Pantin

18 Sep 2020

As proof of our confidence in the future and the strength of our business model, we are pleased to offer museums and galleries a new warehouse located in Pantin in the sec...

Progressive resumption of our activity

18 Sep 2020

Due to the shutdown of exhibitions during the Covid-19 containment period, our art transportation and exhibition business was severely impacted for a number of months.

The redevelopment of the Carnavalet Museum

18 Nov 2019

After being closed for 3 years for renovations, the Carnavalet Museum is scheduled to reopen in 2020. The LP Art teams had packed all the works of the Museum during its closure and transferred them to the...

Handling: the White Bear in Orsay

June 11, 2019

The White Bear is a statue of the French animal sculptor François Pompon (1855-1933), whose first model appeared at the Salon d'automne of 1922. The most famous example of this sculpture is the...

Protection of the Wedding Feast at the Louvre

26 Mar 2019

The Louvre is renovating the Salle des Etats.
In this room, the Mona Lisa is exhibited on one side and opposite the Mona Lisa, the monumental work of Veronese: "The Wedding of Cana", which measures more than...

Renovation of the National Maritime Museum

03 Apr 2018

During 2017, the Musée National de la Marine in Paris closed its doors to the public for a major renovation. The reopening is scheduled for 2021.
As part of this, all of the collections are to be s...

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