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Protection of the Wedding Feast at the Louvre

The Louvre is renovating the Salle des Etats.

In this room are exposed the Mona Lisa on one side and in front of the Mona Lisa, the monumental work of Veronese: "The Wedding of Cana", which measures more than 10 meters long and more than 7 meters high!

The painting being too large to be taken out of the room, the Louvre entrusted LP Art with the protection of the painting in situ.

This large-scale operation began Monday evening at 6:00 pm after the museum was closed to the public, continued all day Tuesday (closing day), then all night and ended on Wednesday morning before the reopening of the room to the public at 9:00 am.

Three teams of 8 installers took turns on the operations in order to respect the very tight schedule imposed by the Louvre.

The work was decanted, and then a custom wooden formwork was mounted around the painting to protect it from the renovation work.

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